Gambler 500 - Desert Hauler Challenge | BeamNG (3:14:572)-Video


Gambler 500 - Desert Hauler Challenge | BeamNG (3:14:572)

The Desert Hauler challenge was a scenario added with the Gambler 500 update. In this challenge the player must deliver all seven pieces of cargo to the destination in the shortest time without losing any items outside of the trailer.

Showcasing the Gambler 500 Desert Hauler Challenge in BeamNG. With a time of 3 Minutes in 14 seconds, this challenge will test your patience and your skills in finding the ultimate path that provides the smoothest road and the shortest distance.

At time of posting this is the fastest time posted online, however using the same path and potentially having more speed on the highway, i could see times getting over 10 seconds quicker than the posted time of 3 minutes 14 seconds and 572 milliseconds.

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