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Holden GTS Burnout | BeamNG

BeamNG is a popular vehicle simulation game that allows players to drive, crash, and modify a wide range of vehicles. While the game includes cars from various regions of the world, it's not often that we come across Australian car mods in BeamNG. However, we recently stumbled upon a Holden GTS mod that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well as a burnout car around the Mount Coot-tha map.

The Holden GTS Mod

The Holden GTS is a high-performance sports sedan that was produced by Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) in Australia from 1992 to 2017. The car was powered by a range of V8 engines, including the iconic LS3 and LSA engines. In BeamNG, the Holden GTS mod accurately replicates the car's exterior design and comes with a range of customization options, including different wheels, spoilers, and exhaust systems.

The Perfect Burnout Car

The Holden GTS mod is not only a great-looking car but also an excellent burnout machine. When equipped with the right tires and engine upgrades, the car can produce massive amounts of smoke and leave impressive tire marks on the road. The Mount Coot-tha map, with its long and wide roads, is the perfect playground for burnout enthusiasts. The mod even includes a custom-made burnout pad that allows players to perform burnouts without damaging the car's tires or the road surface.


In conclusion, the Holden GTS mod is a fantastic addition to the world of Australian car mods in BeamNG. Its accurate design, range of customization options, and exceptional performance as a burnout car make it a must-have for any fan of the game. If you're looking for a new car mod to try out in BeamNG, we highly recommend giving the Holden GTS a spin around the Mount Coot-tha map.

Download Link

Australian Car Pack - https://www.modland.net/beamng.drive-mods/cars/australian-car-pack-v1.html

Please note alot of the mods in this pack are out dated and may not work.
However in the video above we have used the "Teal" Holden GTS Mod

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