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Our Servers

Join our Australian BeamNG and Assetto Corsa Server

We are running multiple online racing servers for the Australian community.
We currently are running 1 Assetto Corsa Server and 4 BeamNG.Drive Australian Servers.

Our Assetto Corsa Server

Server Details

Server Name - || Aussie Server ||
IP -
Link -

Our BeamNG.Drive Server

Although BeamNG doesn't come with a multiplayer mode in the vanilla state, Using the BeamMP mod you can play a wide range of online servers in game.

BeamNG Servers
Our Servers

Search for "Shirbs" in the BeamMP browser to our ever growing list of game servers!

Our Australian BeamNG Servers include - Bathurst, Motorsports Playground, Drift Server and other Vanilla maps.

Our Discord

Join our discord to suggest new server ideas and exclusive server updates.

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