Crankshaft Pass Challenge | BeamNG (4:51:764)-Video


Crankshaft Pass Challenge | BeamNG (4:51:764)

Welcome, speed enthusiasts and BeamNG Drive fans! If you're in search of a new challenge within the game or simply want to witness some thrilling gameplay, you've come to the right place. In today's blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at the Crankshaft Pass Challenge, our record-setting attempt, and some tips and tricks to help you conquer this treacherous mountain pass using the default vehicle and settings. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

The Crankshaft Pass Challenge: The Crankshaft Pass Challenge is an adrenaline-fueled test of skill and endurance in BeamNG Drive, which takes place on a perilous mountain pass filled with sharp turns, narrow roads, and breathtaking scenery. The goal is simple: navigate the pass as quickly as possible while avoiding catastrophic crashes. Our current record for this challenge stands at 4 minutes, 51 seconds, and 764 milliseconds - but we know you'll want to give it a shot and beat our time!

Our Record-Setting Attempt: Our 5:01:872 run was anything but easy, especially considering that we tackled the challenge using the default vehicle and settings. It took countless attempts, a keen understanding of the vehicle's handling, and a whole lot of determination. Throughout the run, we encountered heart-stopping close calls, high-speed maneuvers, and some jaw-dropping moments. You can watch our full record-setting attempt on our YouTube channel (link provided) and get inspired to take on the challenge yourself.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Crankshaft Pass Challenge with the Default Vehicle: While every player's experience will differ, we've compiled some tips and tricks to help you improve your chances of mastering the Crankshaft Pass Challenge with the default vehicle:

  1. Learn the vehicle's handling: Understanding the default vehicle's strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Spend some time getting familiar with its handling, braking, and acceleration before attempting the challenge.
  2. Memorize the course: The key to success in the Crankshaft Pass Challenge is anticipating turns and obstacles. Practice the course multiple times to memorize key sections and develop a strategy for navigating the most difficult parts.
  3. Maintain momentum: Keep your speed up while taking corners smoothly to maintain momentum throughout the course. Avoid sudden movements or sharp braking, as this may cause a loss of control or slow you down.
  4. Find the right balance between speed and caution: While the goal is to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, remember that crashing will cost you valuable time. Be aggressive, but also exercise caution when navigating tight turns and treacherous sections of the course.
  5. Keep practicing: Persistence is key! Don't get discouraged by setbacks or failed attempts. Learn from your mistakes and continue refining your strategy until you achieve your desired result.

Conclusion: The Crankshaft Pass Challenge in BeamNG Drive is a thrilling test of skill, offering players the chance to showcase their driving prowess with the default vehicle and settings. With determination, practice, and a well-executed strategy, you'll be well on your way to mastering this challenging course. Can you beat our record time of 4:51:764? Give it a shot, and let us know how you did in the comments!

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