Dockside Dart Scenario (1:24:971) | 3 STARS | BeamNG V0.30 - Video


Dockside Dart Scenario (1:24:971) | 3 STARS | BeamNG V0.30

The new BeamNG Update (V0.30) brings players a new exciting challenge called "Dockside Dart". This challenge requires racers to drive the new Hirochi Aurata UTV vehicle around a tight industrial course. The Dockside Dart Scenario in BeamNG maybe one of the hardest challenges to 3 star.

To perfect this challenge you will need to balance the car's input to improve grip and carry speed through the entire course. You will find out very quickly that the new UTV vechicle is fragile and any little hit will break the car's steering mechanics.

Although this wasn't the cleanest run, it will take alot of attempts to consistly be fast through the track.

PLEASE NOTE - Grass Density setting may make this challenge harder than it needs to be.
In this video i have turned Grass Density to the lowest settings. However you will still have dirt patches on this track which will cause the car to lose grip.

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