Our Australian Assetto Corsa Server Is Live!


Finally Our Australian Assetto Corsa is now live.

We have launched a Australian Assetto Corsa server, for all Australian racing simulator enthusiasts.
Our server specializes in fun entertaining tracks and mods that provide great racing for the entire server.

With races such as Monaco with Mazda MX-5's it creates great racing amongst the online community. Another benefit to our server is that we are constantly taking feedback on track and car recommendations for future online server races.

The Shirbsgaming.com server is also running 24/7 to ensure you can always join at any hour of the day. Not to mention that our server has state of the art hardware to give you the lowest possible ping with a full server of other racers.

Interested in joining our server?

Server Details

Server Name - Shirbsgaming.com || Aussie Server || discord.gg/gGba6vYf5
IP -
Link - https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip=

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