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Uluru Ayers Rock Track Mod For Assetto Corsa

For sim racing enthusiasts and virtual globetrotters alike, the diverse landscape of mod tracks available for games like Assetto Corsa is nothing short of captivating. Among these myriad options emerges a mod that's more of an experience than just another track to conquer: the Uluru Ayers Rock Track Mod. This post delves deeper into this […]

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Dockside Dart Scenario (1:24:971) | 3 STARS | BeamNG V0.30

The new BeamNG Update (V0.30) brings players a new exciting challenge called "Dockside Dart". This challenge requires racers to drive the new Hirochi Aurata UTV vehicle around a tight industrial course. The Dockside Dart Scenario in BeamNG maybe one of the hardest challenges to 3 star. To perfect this challenge you will need to balance […]

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Dockside Dart Challenge (1:29:364) | BeamNG V0.30

The new BeamNG Update (V0.30) brings players a new exciting challenge called "Dockside Dart". This challenge requires racers to drive the new Hirochi Aurata UTV vehicle around a tight industrial course. This challenge requires a perfect balance of grip, speed and strategy.Is this the hardest 3 star scenario in BeamNG? We plan on going for […]

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Gambler 500 - Desert Hauler Challenge | BeamNG (3:14:572)

The Desert Hauler challenge was a scenario added with the Gambler 500 update. In this challenge the player must deliver all seven pieces of cargo to the destination in the shortest time without losing any items outside of the trailer. Showcasing the Gambler 500 Desert Hauler Challenge in BeamNG. With a time of 3 Minutes […]

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Holden GTS Mod In BeamNG

BeamNG is a popular vehicle simulation game that allows players to drive, crash, and modify a wide range of vehicles. While the game includes cars from various regions of the world, it's not often that we come across Australian car mods in BeamNG. However, we recently stumbled upon a Holden GTS mod that not only […]

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HooptieX Small Island Gambler 500 Challenge In BeamNG

The HooptieX Small Island Gambler 500 challenge is a tricky dirt track using a beat up sedan. We managed a time of 4 minutes 46 seconds although not the fastest time out there it was a good run. Some of the difficulties in this challenge are the fact that the car begins to overheat towards […]

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Flying Cars In BeamNG - The Flying Wigeon

Explore the realm of possibilities with BeamNG, as we dive into the world of flying cars! In this video, we're showcasing the thrilling adventure with the Flying Wigeon. See how we've defied gravity and transformed the traditional driving simulator game into a mind-blowing flight simulator. Witness as the Wigeon takes off, soars through BeamNG's stunning […]

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Carbonworks F4 Mod In BeamNG (F1 Mod in BeamNG)

Let's start by talking about the Carbon Works F4 MOD. If you're not already familiar with it, this is a Formula 1 mod designed to take BeamNG.drive to its absolute limits. The F4 MOD brings the high-octane thrill of Formula 1 racing into the immersive and physics-accurate world of BeamNG, creating a gaming experience like […]

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How To Setup A BeamMP Server

The increasing popularity of multiplayer car games is undeniable, and the BeamNG.drive game isn't exempt from this trend. BeamNG.drive is a highly immersive, realistic vehicle simulation game known for its extensive soft-body physics modeling, making crashes more realistic than in most other driving games. BeamMP, a modification (mod) for BeamNG.drive, allows you to play the […]

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The Best Real Car Mods In BeamNG

The realm of BeamNG.drive, a realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities, continues to evolve as more creative and passionate car enthusiasts bring their modding skills to the forefront. Today, we're going to dive into the exhilarating world of some of the best real car mods you can experience in BeamNG. In conclusion, these five […]

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