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Cleetus Mcfarland - Freedom Factory | BeamNG Mod Video

The Freedom Factory is a race track that Youtuber / Racer - Cleetus Mcfarland owns & operates.The Freedom Factory is a oval circuit surrounding a central burnout pad. But that's not all... This race track is located side by side with Bradenton Motorsports Park drag strip. The Freedom Factory BeamNG mod showcases both tracks in […]

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Ken Block Hoonicorn & Pikes Peak Mod | BeamNG | Video

The video showcases both the Hoonicorn Ken Block as well as the Pikes Peak track mod. Both mods have been made with incredible attention to detail with the Pikes Peak map being created by using LIDAR technology and the Hoonicorn car made at the highest of quality. With both these BeamNG mods together creates a […]

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The Best Australian Car Mods Part II | Video

If you're a fan of Australian muscle cars and Assetto Corsa, you're in for a treat. We've got an exciting update for you as a range of thrilling Australian car mods are now available for purchase through the Assettomods.com Patreon page. These well-crafted, high-quality mods bring some of the most iconic Australian vehicles to the […]

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Controller Settings For Assetto Corsa - 2024 Video

Controller Settings For Assetto Corsa - 2024 Below are multiple controller settings for Assetto Corsa on PC. The video demonstrates how inputting settings with Assetto content manager. However the settings will translate and can be updated within the Assetto Corsa game settings menu. The four different settings templates are Forza Controller - These settings mimic […]

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Gold Coast Australian Race Track Mod - Video

Welcome to the virtual streets of Surfers Paradise with the Gold Coast Australian Race Track mod for Assetto Corsa! This meticulously crafted mod transports you to the iconic Gold Coast V8 Supercar Street Circuit, a cornerstone of Australian motorsports. Nestled amidst the stunning coastal scenery, this track combines the thrill of high-speed racing with the […]

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Best Australian BeamNG Mods

BeamNG.drive, renowned for its realistic driving physics, offers an array of Australian mods that enhance the gaming experience. These Best Australian BeamNG Mods transport players Down Under, featuring iconic Australian landscapes, vehicles, and challenges. From meticulously recreated Outback terrains to classic Aussie cars, these mods offer a unique blend of authenticity and excitement. They're perfect […]

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The F1 Las Vegas Track Mod for Assetto Corsa-Video

It's time to buckle up and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Formula 1's newest addition—the Las Vegas Street Circuit. With the 2023 F1 season revving up excitement with this fresh track, Assetto Corsa enthusiasts now have the chance to experience the thrill of the Las Vegas strip from the comfort of their sim […]

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Uluru Ayers Rock Track Mod For Assetto Corsa-video

For sim racing enthusiasts and virtual globetrotters alike, the diverse landscape of mod tracks available for games like Assetto Corsa is nothing short of captivating. Among these myriad options emerges a mod that's more of an experience than just another track to conquer: the Uluru Ayers Rock Track Mod. This post delves deeper into this […]

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Dockside Dart Scenario (1:24:971) | 3 STARS | BeamNG V0.30 - Video

The new BeamNG Update (V0.30) brings players a new exciting challenge called "Dockside Dart". This challenge requires racers to drive the new Hirochi Aurata UTV vehicle around a tight industrial course. The Dockside Dart Scenario in BeamNG maybe one of the hardest challenges to 3 star. To perfect this challenge you will need to balance […]

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Dockside Dart Challenge (1:29:364) | BeamNG V0.30

The new BeamNG Update (V0.30) brings players a new exciting challenge called "Dockside Dart". This challenge requires racers to drive the new Hirochi Aurata UTV vehicle around a tight industrial course. This challenge requires a perfect balance of grip, speed and strategy.Is this the hardest 3 star scenario in BeamNG? We plan on going for […]

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