Freeform Mountain Crawl Challenge | (15:03:695) | Beam NG - Speed Run


Freeform Mountain Crawl Challenge | (15:03:695) | Beam NG

The Freeform Mountain Crawl Challenge Beam NG Mission is a thrilling but very difficult challenge. This Beam NG Mission is all about pushing your limits and achieving the fastest time possible while navigating the rocky terrain

The goal of speedrunning Rock Climbing Beam NG is to reach the designated endpoint as quickly as possible with minimal damage or injury. To accomplish this, players must take advantage of the best line through the rocky mountain.

Using the off-roading techniques of turning on and off the diff lock and other 4x4 features will greatly increase your chances of completely this level, it's also worth noting not to be afraid to find a new line in the midst of the challenge. Although it will take extra time there is no 3 star challenge so you can take as much time as possible.

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