Best Australian BeamNG Mods


Holden Commodore Burnout Car Mod | BeamNG, renowned for its realistic driving physics, offers an array of Australian mods that enhance the gaming experience.

These Best Australian BeamNG Mods transport players Down Under, featuring iconic Australian landscapes, vehicles, and challenges. From meticulously recreated Outback terrains to classic Aussie cars, these mods offer a unique blend of authenticity and excitement. They're perfect for gamers seeking an immersive Australian driving adventure.

With regular updates and a dedicated modding community, these Australian mods continually evolve, ensuring an ever-fresh and engaging experience. Whether it's tackling rugged bush tracks or cruising city streets, these mods are a must-try for fans of Australian motoring culture.

The Australian BeamNG Mod community is beginning to grow bigger and bigger.
Although it's early days there are a few Australian cars that can provide great fun in BeamNG.Drive

Holden Commodore Nut Out Burnout Car

The big blower Nutout burnout car is a big fan favourite in the BeamNG community

Download Link - Holden Commodore Mod

Holden GTS Burnout | BeamNG

Holden GTS with Supercharger

The Holden GTS is another great addition and fits great in the in BeamNG

Download Link - Holden GTS

Barra Swapped GQ #beamng

Barra Swapped GQ

The Barra Swapped GQ Patrol is great fun for all 4x4 tracks in BeamNG
This mod is apart of the Australian Mod Pack which includes many other great Australian mods

Download - Australian Mod Pack

Bathurst Track & Scintilla GT3 Mod |

Bathurst Track Mod

The Bathurst Race Track, officially known as Mount Panorama Circuit, is an iconic Australian motorsport track located in Bathurst, New South Wales.

Famous for hosting the Bathurst 1000, an annual endurance race for touring cars, this track offers a unique blend of technical challenges and high-speed thrills. Spanning 6.213 kilometers, it features a mix of steep gradients, tight bends, and long straights, demanding exceptional skill and bravery from drivers.

Mount Panorama is not just a race track; it's a public road, allowing everyday drivers to experience its legendary tarmac when not in racing use. This multifaceted track symbolizes Australian motorsport heritage, attracting fans worldwide with its thrilling races and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Download - Bathurst Track

Ford Falcon BeamNG Mod
Best Australian BeamNG Mods

Australian BeamNG Mod Pack

The Australian BeamNG Mod Pack includes a variety of Aussie cars including Ford's & Holden's
This pack is a great starting point for bulk Australian car mods.

Download - Australian Mod Pack

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