How To Speed Up and Reduce File Size - Assetto Corsa


How To Speed Up and Reduce File Size - Assetto Corsa

Compress Assetto Corsa Database

Using Assetto Corsa Content Manager you can compress the Database allowing for a smaller disk file size and potentially faster load times within Assetto Corsa.

I have 30 to 40 Mods installed causing my AC folder to be roughly 54GB large, Your file size can vary depending on the amount of mods, there are some cases of people having 1000's of mods and having a Assetto Database folder the size of 1TB+

Using the tools section in the content tab of AC content manager the compress file tool can be used to compress the database files, After hitting compress the process can take over 30 minutes to complete the task and you should see your file saving and compression ratio when done.

The compression shouldn't cause any issues in game, however if it does you can always press the De-Compress button to undo any changes that were made.

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