Toyota Supra Time Attack Car | Assetto Corsa | Cinamatic


Toyota Supra Time Attack Car Assetto Corsa @ Full boost.

Cinematic edit of the Toyota Supra driving around Shuto Expressway Mod.

The Toyota Supra Time Attack Car can be found in the Japanese DLC pack.
Which in my opinion is one of the best DLC packs money can buy.

As this car is made by the game developers Kunos Simulazioni, the car has incredible detail that is parallel to the real life Toyota Supra.
Detail such as the center control panel being tilted towards the driver of the car just like in the real Toyota Supra.

In this video the Toyota Supra Time Attack car is driven around the lovely Japanese track mod Shuto Expressway.
In game the Toyota supra has adjustable turbo boost controller, As seen in the video the Supra at full boost is quite the handful to drive.

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Shuto Expressway

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