How To Create Cinematic Replays in Assetto Corsa


How To Create Realistic Replays in Assetto Corsa

How To Create Cinematic Replays In Assetto Corsa | Drone Camera Mod


First Step of business is to download the Drone Camera Mod For Assetto Corsa.

Before we get into it, Some things to note are

  • This mod requires a controller.
  • You will need to record your screen to export.
  • CSP amongst other software is required for this mod
  • This is NOT a guide to install the mod, this is just how to use it.

Open up a replay in Assetto Corsa and press START on your controller to Enter Drone Mode.
Using the thumb sticks will allow you to move the camera the way you want.
The applications bar on the right of the Assetto Corsa will have the settings for the Drone mod.
View the settings of the drone to control how you what the drone to react.

GOPRO Style Replay

By pushing Y (Triangle) on your controller will allow activate/deactivate Follow Mode,
Follow mode will allow the drone camera to follow the car. Because of this you can use this camera mod as a GOPRO style camera in your replay. Personally i like putting the camera in Follow Mode and placing the camera on the rear of the roof for a nice view of the driver changing gears.

How To Export Footage From Assetto Corsa Replay

One thing to note that this mod is only for PC,
Unfortunately there is no easy way to export the footage from the AC replay, however using OBS or NVIDIA Shadow Play you can record what you are seeing in the replay. Because of this i recommend removing all HUD's on screen to give you the cleanest looking footage.

I would also recommend some editing software to put these clips together that you have just recorded.
Davinci Resolve has a free version and is perfect for making these kind of videos.

Where To Download

Drone Camera Mod Download -

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