Honda Civic EG6 | Assetto Corsa [Cinematic]


Honda Civic EG6 | Assetto Corsa [Cinematic]

Honda Civic SiR-II [EG6] in Assetto Corsa

Cinematic cut of Honda Civic driving on the Shuto Expressway C1

This Assetto Corsa Honda mod is stunningly accurate in detail and drives like a dream.
The Honda Civic EG6 is one of the most popular mods in AC, Due to the popularity of the Honda Civic models in the real world such as the EK9, EG6, SI and EF.

The Video above really showcases the detail of the Honda Civic and how detailed it is when comparing it to a real life Honda civic.

The Track

The track in the video is the popular Assetto Corsa Shuto Express mod, With the beautiful Japanese skylines, highways and long tunnels, it is the perfect track to showcase and test a Assetto Corsa car mod that you have just downloaded.

Assetto Corsa Mod Download Links

Honda Civic SiR-II [EG6] -

Shuto Expressway -

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