Holden HK Monaro Mod


Holden HK Monaro at Bathurst - Assetto Corsa Mod Showcase

Australian Holden HK Monaro racing around Bathurst, showcasing the glorious aussie Holden Mod.

This mod is one of the best Assetto Corsa Mod's of Australian cars around.

This Holden Monaro 327 includes a stock and racing version of the car.

All specs and car colors are suitable to factory defaults.
Equipped with 327 stock engine (250 HP/441 Nm) and 4 speed stock gearbox.

This version is equipped with 1970 Corvette C3 454 stock engine
The engine specs are 392 HP/678 NM
The drivetrain and 5 speed gearbox is from 1990 Camaro Iroc-Z.
Sport wheels and suspensions

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Holden HK Monaro Mod

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Bathurst Assetto Corsa Mod

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