351 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Mod in Assetto Corsa | Mod Showcase



This mod is for the Australian Ford Fans, The Ford Falcon XY is everyone Ford lovers dream car, Download this great Australian Car Mod in the link Below.

Download the 1971 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Mod (2in1) for Assetto Corsa.

The mod consists of two versions; stock and tuned

All specs and car colors are suitable to factory defaults.
This car has a stock 351 cu.in. V8 engine (300 HP/515 Nm)
4 speed stock gearbox with 3 “factory” options of final drive.

Equipped with a modified Ford Cobra Jet 429 engine (405 HP/676 Nm)
The 5 speed gearbox from 1993 Mustang Cobra (Only 5th gear has been adjusted)
Custom final drive(s) as 3 alternatives.
17″ sport wheels, sport suspensions, etc

Download 351 Ford Falcon XY Mod

351 Ford Xy Thumbnail2
Download Here

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